Actions are the outcomes of meetings. They are extracted from session reports and classified here by agenda item and mechanism.

High-Level Committee on Programmes

Action Agenda items Datesort ascending
Action on Evaluation of the United Nations pilots One UN, Delivering as One 01/10/2008
Action on UN-Water Water, UN-Water 01/10/2008
Action on the Campaign to end violence against women and girls Gender equality and the empowerment of women, Violence against women 01/10/2008
Action on Preparations for the Follow-up of International Conference on Financing for Development Development, International financial system 01/10/2008
Action on Disaster Risk Reduction Development, Disaster risk reduction 01/10/2008
Action on Climate change Climate change 01/10/2008
Action on System-wide Coherence One UN, System-wide coherence 14/03/2008
Action on Peacebuilding Peace and Security, Peace-building 14/03/2008
Action on HLCP’s role, functioning and working methods Organization, Administrative and Other matters 14/03/2008
Action on African Development Development, Africa 14/03/2008
Action on Evaluation of the United Nations pilots One UN, Delivering as One 14/03/2008
Action on Employment Labour and employment 14/03/2008
Action on the Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review Triennial and quadriennial comprehensive policy review (QCPR) 14/03/2008
Action on Least Developed Countries Development, Least developed and developing countries 14/03/2008
Action on Climate Change Climate change 14/03/2008