Actions are the outcomes of meetings. They are extracted from session reports and classified here by agenda item and mechanism.

Action Agenda items Datesort ascending
Action on the ICSC Review of the Common System Compensation Package International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) 07/03/2013
Action on the Programme Criticality Framework Security and safety of staff, Programme Criticality Framework 07/03/2013
Action on Improved Efficiency and Cost Control Measures Management efficiencies and cost control measures 07/03/2013
Action on Data-Driven Decision-making at the UN Results Based Management (RBM) 07/03/2013
Action on Disaster Risk Reduction Development, Disaster risk reduction 05/03/2013
Action on The World of 7 Billion Population, A world of 7 Billion 05/03/2013
Action on Oceans Oceans 05/03/2013
Action on Post -2015 Development Agenda Development, Post-2015 Development Agenda 05/03/2013
Action on Cybercrime and Cyber Security Information security 05/03/2013
Action on CEB Review of MDG Implementation Development, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), MDG Acceleration Framework 05/03/2013
Action on Internal and International Migration Population, Migration 05/03/2013
Action on Promoting the Rule of Law Human Rights, Rule of law 05/03/2013
Action on Youth Children and youth 05/03/2013
Action on UN-Water Water, UN-Water 08/11/2012
Action on Management Issues Harmonization of Business Practices, Security and safety of staff 08/11/2012
Action on the Rule of Law Human Rights, Rule of law 08/11/2012
Action on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Development, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), MDG Acceleration Framework 08/11/2012
Action on Programme Matters Development, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Post-2015 Development Agenda, Sustainable development 08/11/2012
Action on Regional Dimension of Development Development, Regional development 28/10/2012
Action on the World at 7 billion and Beyond Population, A world of 7 Billion 05/10/2012
Action on Climate Change Climate change 05/10/2012
Action on Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Information security 05/10/2012
Action on Quadrennial comprehensive policy review and “Delivering as one” Triennial and quadriennial comprehensive policy review (QCPR) 05/10/2012
Action on UN-Oceans and Oceans Compact Oceans, Oceans compact, UN-Oceans 05/10/2012
Action on Safety and Security Security and safety of staff, Inter-agency Security Management Network (IASMN), Private security companies 25/09/2012
Action on Support to Survivors of Malicious Acts & Natural Disasters & Affected Families Security and safety of staff 25/09/2012
Action on 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio +20) Development, Rio+20, Sustainable development 13/04/2012
Action on International Migration and Development Development, Population, Migration 13/04/2012
Action on Oceans Compact Oceans, Oceans compact 13/04/2012
Action on World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Information society 13/04/2012