The Information and Communication Technology Network Report provides a summary of the regular meetings of the network and decisions taken.

Report of 29th Session (October 2017, Geneva)

Items discussed included: Frontier Technologies; Mainstreaming Innovation; Bluemix for the UN Ecosystem; Cybersecurity; Shared Threat Intelligence Platform; UN System Root Certificate Authority; Cybersecurity Workshops; United Nations Information Security Special Interest Group; UN System ICT Vision; RFP for Managed and Integrated ICT Services; UN Privacy Policy and Data Protection; UN Privacy Policy Group (UNPPG); Privacy and Data Protection; Data Partnerships; Common Procurement; Commodity Procurement; Common Procurement of Cloud-based Services; Cloud Security, Data Compliance, Immunities

Report of 11th Session (October 2008, Vienna)

Agenda Items discussed included: System-Wide Business Practices (ERP, Shared Service Centres, Portal, Business Case Development and Costing, Data Centre Consolidation, Internationally Recognized Standards, UN System Directory ); A Carbon-neutral UN; Desktop coherence; Geographic information systems; JIU Reports; Country-Level activities. Other items discussed included: Risk Analysis/Security; Data Communications Study.

Report of 10th Session (May 2008, New York)

Agenda Items discussed included: System-Wide Business Practices (Common Service Centres, Common Data Centres, Internationally Recognized Standards, Business Case Development and Costing, Harmonization of ERP practices, UN System Portal); ICT implications for IPSAS implementations; ICT-Related JIU Studies; Common Directory Project; Special Interest Groups: ICT Knowledge Sharing (UNDG ICT Tasking Group, SAP-SIG, CABIO. Other issues discussed included: ICC – ICT Network Coordination; One UN Country Office Domain Name; UN Secretariat Information and Communications Technology Strategy.