The Youth-SWAP has five overarching goals related to the thematic areas: Employment and Entrepreneurship; Protection of rights and civic engagement; Political Inclusion; Education, including comprehensive sexuality education; Health.

Overall Goals

  • Employment and Entrepreneurship: Ensure greater opportunities for youth to secure decent work and income over the life-cycle, contributing to a virtuous circle of poverty reduction, sustainable development and social inclusion
  • Protection of rights and civic engagement: Ensure the inherent rights of youth are recognized and upheld to enable young people’s engagement in all aspects of their development
  • Political Inclusion: Ensure the progressive, substantive inclusion of young people in political and decision-making processes at local, national, regional and international levels
  • Education, including comprehensive sexuality education: Ensure that young people, on an inclusive, equitable and universal basis, are actively learning in formal or non-formal education systems, and are receiving quality education on sexual and reproductive health.
  • Health: Ensure that young people, on an inclusive, equitable and universal basis, enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.


Enhance national capacity to develop gender- sensitive strategies for decent work for youth; Support the improvement and enforcement of rights at work for youth and implement employment and skills development programmes to ease the transition of disadvantaged youth to decent work.


Support institutional reforms for and enabling environment conducive to youth entrepreneurship, including access to markets, finance and other resources; Strengthen mechanisms for promoting youth entrepreneurship, in particular for young women.


Strengthen the capacity of Countries to develop high quality inclusive education, learning and training policies and programmes for young people; Influencing the global agenda in inclusive, gender sensitive and quality education for young people.


Countries supported to develop and enforce gender- sensitive laws and policies that promote and protect the health of all young people; Countries’ efforts supported to improve the capacity of health systems to universal coverage of gender-sensitive and age- appropriate health services to young people.