Financial Statitics: CEB/2009/6, CEB/2010/HLCM/6






This map shows agency expenditure in individual countries.

The map does not account for any negative values (reversals) reported by organizations. Alternative views of the data are made available in the drop-down menu and drill-down links are provided when available. Please ensure that the desired reporting year is selected.

agency Year country Expenditure
UNU 2017 Algeria 40,275,557
UNU 2017 Japan 33,648,599
UNU 2017 Finland 8,191,356
UNU 2017 Germany 7,767,441
UNU 2017 Netherlands 4,571,285
UNU 2017 China, Macao Special Administrative Region 2,470,930
UNU 2017 Malaysia 1,827,878
UNU 2017 Ghana 1,712,633
UNU 2017 Canada 1,585,080
UNU 2017 United States of America 1,545,966
UNU 2017 Spain 1,138,124
UNU 2017 Portugal 898,519
UNU 2017 Belgium 868,364
UNU 2017 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 637,202

No reversals were reported for this data-set.

Note: As of 2017, the data includes an additional six entities (CTBTO, ICC, UNCDF, UNFCCC, UNRISD, UNSSC)

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