Financial Statitics: CEB/2009/6, CEB/2010/HLCM/6






This chart shows the top 10 non-government donors and their corresponding contribution to the UN system.

The chart does not account for any negative values (reversals) reported by organizations. Please ensure that the desired reporting year is selected.

Year Donor Revenue
2018 European Union 3,694,709,645
2018 United Nations Secretariat Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 1,405,068,202
2018 Global Environment Facility (thru UNDP or UNEP) 561,438,891
2018 World Bank 533,570,748
2018 Multidonor Trust Funds 496,954,482
2018 Private 433,513,417
2018 Global Fund to Fight 391,116,394
2018 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 281,724,258
2018 USA National Committee 270,640,218
2018 THE GAVI ALLIANCE 266,014,192

Note: As of 2017, the data includes an additional six entities (CTBTO, ICC, UNCDF, UNFCCC, UNRISD, UNSSC)

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