The “One United Nations” had been launched by the report of the Secretary-General to the General Assembly on the recommendations of the High-level Panel on System-wide Coherence.   Inter-agency discussions on how the system should proceed to deliver as “One United Nations” were increasingly positive.  The eight country pilots, established by country teams with the support of the resident coordinators through the UN Development Group, were to be a showcase of the benefits to be derived from United Nations organizations working together in countries.  The work of the United Nations system at the country level determined the image of the system, CEB members should strive to work as a coherent system, devoted to bringing diverse capacities to bear in a concerted way on the development priorities of countries, as defined by the countries.   An evaluation of the pilots had been discussed and was called for by the High-level Committees on Programmes and on Management.


CEB members thanked all involved in the work that had been accomplished so far on One United Nations at the country level through the eight pilots.  The Board generally concurred that the success of the pilots would be important in demonstrating the ability of the system to deliver as one


The Board fully endorsed the call of the HLCP for an evaluation of the pilots.  CEB called upon the United Nations Evaluation Group to urgently establish the substantive parameters and process for the evaluation of the pilots and requested to be kept fully and regularly informed of progress.