CEB welcomed the report of HLCP on its third session containing a review of its terms of reference and invited the Committee to continue its efforts to enhance its functioning, including an effective distribution of responsibilities with other coordinating bodies. It took note of the measures adopted by the Committee to improve its working methods and stressed the need for appropriate high-level representation in the Committee to ensure the effective exercise of its functions.


Noting the crucial importance of country-level coordination in advancing the system-wide objectives of CEB, the Board welcomed the conclusions reached by HLCP in this regard, including the pragmatic approach adopted by the Committee in its interactions with the United Nations Development Group (UNDG), with a view to promoting synergies and overall coherence.


CEB noted the new, flexible and pragmatic arrangements for inter-agency coordination in the programme areas covered by the former Administrative Committee on Coordination (ACC) subsidiary bodies. It welcomed the Committee’s decision to monitor and give, as required, policy guidance to inter-agency thematic networks, and called on the CEB secretariat to provide systematic and objective information and support to the Committee in this regard. In this context, CEB concurred with the need to give special attention to ensuring that effective arrangements are in place to continue to secure organized inter-agency coordination in areas of system-wide concern, particularly freshwater, that are crucial for development and for which several agencies share responsibility.