The representative of the United Nations System Staff College briefed the Committee on the status of the Senior Management Network Leadership Programme (SMNP).  He recalled that agencies should now be selecting participants for the SMNP. Participants in the SMNP would be drawn from the Senior Management Network (SMN) membership. A list of notional SMN membership per agency and participant numbers for each SMNP cohort was provided in document CEB/2007/HLCM/24.  The HR Network had been invited to assist Executive Heads in the selection process.

Participants should be identified by 30 September 2007.  Each SMNP cohort would comprise 49 SMN members which should have a good mix of agencies, gender, nationalities and functions.  Furthermore, agencies should be selecting enthusiastic people who would contribute to the programme.  The first programme would be held in the Netherlands on 25-29 November 2007.   There would be four cohorts each year from 2008 onwards. Agencies should also allocate funds for participation in the SMNP for 2008-2009. The cost for participation per person is US$8,236 plus airfare and DSA.

In view of the fact that the Staff College had made a financial commitment to the Rotterdam School of Management, the College noted that it was taking a financial risk based on the stated commitment of all agencies to participate in the SMNP. In this regard the UNSSC representative emphasized that HLCM members should stand by their commitment, identify participants early and ensure participation in scheduled programmes.


No detailed record of the discussion on this topic was recorded.


The Committee encouraged organizations to submit candidates for the SMNP, to allocate the necessary funds for participation, and to support the programme internally through the most appropriate communication mechanisms.