Salaries and allowances

(1)     At the first part of its 16th session (April 1955: CO-ORDINATION/R.193/Rev.1, paras. 52-54) CCAQ expressed concern at the lack of uniformity in rates among agencies. The Committee decided that a working party should consider principles for the establishment of non-local rates of pay for temporary language staff and the adequacy of present rates in the European area.

Other conditions

(1)     At the 20th session (1959: CO-ORDINATION/R.295, paras. 28-46) as a step towards the unification of conditions of service for short-term staff in Europe (i.e. staff engaged for less than one year) the Committee, with UNESCO reserving its position, adopted policies intended to cover conference and language staff recruited for service in Europe. The organizations were free to apply these policies also to other short-term staff.