(1) At its 14th session of July 2007 (CEB/2007/HR/14, paras.65-68), the HR Network was informed that a Working Group on diploma mills comprising the CEB Secretariat, UNESCO, the UN Secretariat, UNICEF and UNFPA was formed.

The Working Group would decide on having a list of bona fide Institutions or of “dummy” ones, or both and will prepare a list of Institutions to be kept in the CEB Secretariat.

(2) At its fifteenth session (CEB/2008/HLCM/HR/17, paras. 90-92), The HR Network endorsed the recommendation to use the CD-ROM called “the World Higher Education Database”, listing recognized universities worldwide, developed by the International Association of Universities (IAU) located at UNESCO. Subsequent to the meeting, UNESCO provided the IAU website as follows:  www.unesco.org/iau/directories/index.html.  There are also various publications that can be ordered through this website.  For additional information, the contact at IAU Secretariat in Paris is:  centre.iau@unesco.org.