Over the past 60 years, the need for a multi-skilled, versatile and mobile staff has been repeatedly expressed across the UN system. Most recently, the CEB has agreed an Inter-Agency Mobility Accord (2005). Dual careers in families is one of the large hindrances for staff mobility as many staff members have to satisfy two sets of career development needs when accepting a post in a new location. The Dual Career and Staff Mobility programme assists spouses in finding employment, obtaining work permits and settling into a new location. The programme was set up by a group of UN Organisations with highly mobile staff and was managed by the World Food Programme from 2004 till December 2007, when it will move to the CEB secretariat. This focus on spouse employment supports the recruitment, retention and reassignment of professional staff and is an issue of importance for the whole UN System. The objective of the programme is to strengthen the UN system’s ability to recruit, reassign and especially retain the best qualified candidates, particularly women, at all levels across the organisation.