The employment area is divided into three main sectors: recruitment, placement and retention; contractual agreements; and staff well-being. The aim of this Community of Practice is to give broader information about the three sectors.

Recruitment, placement and retention

Recruitment /placement is the starting point of an organization’s overall employment policy. It covers both hiring new talents and reassigning serving staff, including those on inter-agency transfer, secondment or loan. Retention addresses the conditions which enable staff members to continue to serve. (ICSC “A Framework for Human Resources Management”, 2001).

Staff well-being

An enabling work environment will result in staff well-being. It encompasses staff security; occupational, environmental, health and safety standards; medical services; and work/life programmes. Security policy involves the physical and psychological safety of staff and takes precedence over organizational expediency. Accordingly, organizations should remind Members States of their obligations to ensure the protection of staff at duty station. (ICSC “A Framework for Human Resources Management”, 2001).