Eight organizations (International Civil Aviation Organization, International Maritime Organization, International Telecommunication Union, Pan American Health Organization, UNESCO, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, and World Meteorological Organization) in addition to WFP, which has been IPSAS-compliant since 2008, were targeting IPSAS implementation as of 2010. Those organizations had reached the key implementation milestones, such as establishing IPSAS-compliant opening balances and ensuring that all requirements to meet IPSAS compliance at year end have been addressed. The IPSAS compliance of each organization will be tested by external auditors.

An external review was carried out in response to the request by the High-level Committee on Management on modalities for continuation of the IPSAS project beyond 2011. The review established strategic orientation for the project for the following several years. The strategic orientation for the IPSAS project will continue to be facilitation and communication on IPSAS implementation among involved entities, monitoring and reacting on IPSAS Board outputs, coordination of accounting diversity, considering that fully consistent interpretation and application of IPSAS among United Nations system organizations will not be achievable, and guidance and support related to revisions of IPSAS standards and their interpretation.