Enhancing governance and accountability

HLCM considered follow-up to the recommendation in the Summit Outcome for a review of governance and oversight mechanisms within the United Nations system. It agreed that inputs into the external study being conducted in response to the request of the Summit and overseen by the steering committee established by the Secretary-General would distinguish between issues of governance, which would cover only the United Nations and its funds and programmes, and auditing, investigation and related oversight functions, which would cover the United Nations specialized agencies as well.

Enhancing human resources management

In addressing human resources issues, CEB, HLCM and its Human Resources Network continued to engage in a dialogue with representatives of staff bodies (the Federation of International Civil Servants’ Associations and the Coordinating Committee for International Staff Unions and Associations of the United Nations System) and the International Civil Service Commission.

Coordinating United Nations system response to the threat of avian influenza

CEB coordinated the United Nations system response to the threat of avian influenza and took the lead in the preparation of internal administrative guidelines for handling a pandemic situation. The guidelines, developed by the Human Resources Network for New York-based staff, were adopted as a general framework for staff in the field and other headquarters locations. A summary of the administrative guidelines was incorporated into the overall United Nations system pandemic planning and preparedness guidelines, issued by the Office of the United Nations System Influenza Coordinator.