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Update on the United Nations/United States grade equivalency studies (General Schedule and other pay systems); Children’s and secondary dependant’s allowance: review of the methodology; Survey of best prevailing conditions of employment in Vienna; Review of the Job Evaluation Standards for the General Service and related categories; Review of the pay and benefits system: assessment of the pilot study of pay-for-performance/broad banding; Mobility; Performance management and evaluation – innovative practices; Education grant: review of the methodology for determining the grant; Effectiveness and impact of recruitment and retention measures at difficult duty stations; 20008/2009 Work plan; Updates from Working Groups: Mobility and Hardship (ICSC WG); Education Grant (ICSC WG); Guidelines on “Disabilities” in the workplace (HR Net WG); December 2007 meetings – briefing by Spokespersons; Mobility Accord – Legal issues identified by the Legal Network; DSA for locally recruited staff in the Field; UN Cares Programme; Dual Career and Staff Mobility; Senior Management Network/SMNP; Staff Management Relations; Briefing by FB Network (by Videoconference); Briefing by Legal Network (by Videoconference); Salary Survey 2009 – Review of methodology for HQ and Field duty stations; Contracts; Stress Counsellors; Long Term Care; Diploma mills; Gender issues: Gender Action Plans – presentation by HR Directors; “Delivering as One” Pilots countries – issues identified by organizations; Work-life Balance.