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Issues discussed included: UN system joint crisis initiative on the global financial and economic crisis; Moving towards a fairer, greener, sustainable globalization, Ten-year review of the Millennium Development Goals, Climate change, System-wide coherence, Enhancing the contribution of the United Nations system to the Economic and Social Council.


Action on Ten-year review of the MDGs

The Chairperson noted that consensus on two products seemed to be emerging from the Committee’s discussion: (a) a letter from the Chairperson of the High-level Committee on Programmes to the Secretary-General seeking his guidance on key political messages for the summit, to be discussed at the forthcoming CEB session in spring 2010; and (b) a paper for consideration at the next session of the High-level of the Committee on Programmes on the basis of the Committee’s reflection on the global financial and economic crisis, the Millennium Development Goals and moving towards fairer, greener, more sustainable globalization.

Action on Climate Change

The Committee agreed to continue the mandate of the High-level Committee on Programmes Working Group on Climate Change. Committee members agreed that, in maintaining the One United Nations approach, it would be useful to develop a clear joint message on the Copenhagen outcome as a basis for leveraging the concrete operational contributions of the United Nations system in the climate change process in order to maintain positive momentum for the conference to be held in Mexico. The Chairperson requested that the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, in consultation with the Secretary-General’s Climate Change Support Team and the CEB secretariat, give further consideration to that matter.

Action on System-wide Coherence

In its reflection on issues related to system-wide coherence, the Committee highlighted the importance of enhanced synergy among the three CEB pillars: the High-level Committee on Management, the High-level Committee on Programmes and the United Nations Development Group. In particular, it was suggested that the three committees could benefit from further cross-fertilization of expertise. Committee members agreed that the issue could be pursued further in the context of the ongoing review of CEB.