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CEB/2017/6 - HLCP 34th session

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Conclusions of the Thirty-fourth Session of the High Level Committee on Programmes (ILO Headquarters, Geneva).  Issues discussed at the session: Horizon-Scanning of Emerging Issues (with a focus on frontier issues in the domain of technology): Artificial Intelligence, Cyberspace, Biotechnology, and New Weaponry; Deeper Examination of Select Focus Areas/Nexuses of Emerging Challenges: Future of Food, Future of Work; UN System Capacity to Address Emerging Challenges: Risk, Prevention, and Resilience; and Summary of Information Items: Istanbul Programme of Action for Least Developed Countries, UN-Water, UN-Energy, and UN-Oceans.   


Action on future of food

The Committee expressed broad support for deepening and expanding its understanding on the complex issue of the future of food with a view to developing a coordinated system-wide vision and approach, led by FAO. A revised submission will be prepared through a consultation process led by FAO, for the Committee’s consideration at its thirty-fifth session.