The Digital and Technology Network Report provides a summary of the regular meetings of the network and decisions taken.

Report of 31st Session (October 2018, New York)

The 31st session of the DT Network was hosted by the United Nations Secretariat (OICT) in New York between 23 and 24 October, 2018. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Atefeh Riazi (Chief Information Technology Officer, Assistant Secretary-General) and Mr. Jeffrey Modell (Chief Information Officer and Director, International Atomic Energy Agency). New Network members were welcomed from UNCTAD, UNICC and CTBTO. Many items on the Network’s agenda spoke to the challenges and opportunities in defining a strategic vision for the Network.

Report of 30th Session (April 2018, Rome)

The 30th session of the ICT Network was hosted by the World Food Programme in Rome between 24 and 25 April, 2018. In total there were 50 participants, 9 of which connected remotely. This was the Network's third meeting in Rome (2004 and 2010) and the first time WFP has hosted the ICT Network. Many of the items on the agenda spoke to the challenges and possibilities before the UN system as a whole and highlighted the need to effectively and securely incorporate frontier technologies and adopt innovations to further both collective and individual aims.

Report of 29th Session (October 2017, Geneva)

Items discussed included: Frontier Technologies; Mainstreaming Innovation; Bluemix for the UN Ecosystem; Cybersecurity; Shared Threat Intelligence Platform; UN System Root Certificate Authority; Cybersecurity Workshops; United Nations Information Security Special Interest Group; UN System ICT Vision; RFP for Managed and Integrated ICT Services; UN Privacy Policy and Data Protection; UN Privacy Policy Group (UNPPG); Privacy and Data Protection; Data Partnerships; Common Procurement; Commodity Procurement; Common Procurement of Cloud-based Services; Cloud Security, Data Compliance, Immunities

Report of 11th Session (October 2008, Vienna)

Agenda Items discussed included: System-Wide Business Practices (ERP, Shared Service Centres, Portal, Business Case Development and Costing, Data Centre Consolidation, Internationally Recognized Standards, UN System Directory ); A Carbon-neutral UN; Desktop coherence; Geographic information systems; JIU Reports; Country-Level activities. Other items discussed included: Risk Analysis/Security; Data Communications Study.

Report of 10th Session (May 2008, New York)

Agenda Items discussed included: System-Wide Business Practices (Common Service Centres, Common Data Centres, Internationally Recognized Standards, Business Case Development and Costing, Harmonization of ERP practices, UN System Portal); ICT implications for IPSAS implementations; ICT-Related JIU Studies; Common Directory Project; Special Interest Groups: ICT Knowledge Sharing (UNDG ICT Tasking Group, SAP-SIG, CABIO. Other issues discussed included: ICC – ICT Network Coordination; One UN Country Office Domain Name; UN Secretariat Information and Communications Technology Strategy.