A career may be defined as a series or progression of work assignments within or outside the United Nations system coupled with a continuing acquisition of skills and experience. It encompasses the notion of a widening of competencies and responsibilities, either in one or several professions. It normally involves several lateral or vertical moves. Career management is the process by which a staff member is empowered, with the support of the organization, to plan, organize and pursue a career in an enabling environment. Staff development and training refers to those opportunities identifies by a staff member or provided by the organization to enable staff to continue to acquire skills and experience in pursuing careers. Staff development usually covers a broad range of activities, which may include specific work assignments, on the job training and coaching and other work-related developmental opportunities, while staff training id often referred to as involving a strictly formal acquisition of skills. (ICSC “A Framework for Human Resources Management”, 2001).Access to the contents of this folder is for registered members only.