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HLCP: Risk and Resilience 01.03.2018

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development provides an integrated framework for action aimed at markedly improving the lives of the world’s people, protecting the Earth’s natural resources, and fostering peaceful, just and inclusive societies. Given the critical interlinkages among peace, development and human rights and the importance of an integrated system-wide response to challenges that threaten to undermine sustainable development, an analytical framework on risk and resilience was developed to provide a more proactive, risk-informed and prevention-centered approach to United Nations system efforts in support of the 2030 Agenda.

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HLCM: Report of 39th Session (March 2020, Virtual Consultation) 16.10.2020

Conclusions of the Thirty-Ninth Session of the High-Level Committee on Management (March 2020). Virtual consultation included: Future of the United Nations system workforce; Risk Management; Supporting the transformation of United Nations system operations to a repositioned United Nations development system; Addressing Sexual Harassment within the Organizations of the UN System; and System-wide Roadmap for Innovating UN Data and Statistics.

Document reference: CEB/2020/3
HLCM: Report of 36th Session (October 2018, Paris) 28.12.2018

Conclusions of the Thirty-Sixth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Paris, 11-12 October 2018). Issues discussed included: Retreat on integrating and mainstreaming business innovation within and across United Nations system organizations; Driving change in business operations; Risk management; United Nations system data cube; Addressing sexual harassment within the organizations of the United Nations system; Duty of care for United Nations system personnel; Personal data protection and privacy principles; and Internship programmes in the United Nations system.

Document reference: CEB/2018/5
HLCM: Report of 34th Session (September 2017, Geneva) 10.01.2018

Conclusions of the Thirty-Fourth Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Geneva, 28-29 September 2017). Issues discussed included: Supporting the Secretary-General in his vision for Management Reform; Duty of Care for UN System Personnel and Human Resources matters; and Innovation.

Document reference: CEB/2017/5
HLCM: Report of 33rd Session (March 2017, Budapest) 07.07.2017

Conclusions of the Thirty-Third Session of the High Level Committee on Management (Budapest, 30-31 March 2017). Issues discussed included: HLCM Strategic Plan 2017-2020; Thematic Discussion on Global Service Centres; Project Proposal for the joint provision of HR Services; Duty of Care in High-Risk Environments; Briefing on the Current Security Environment for UN personnel; UN System Leadership Model; Outcome of the ICSC 84th Session and HR Network Strategic Work Plan; Adoption of a UN Common Documentation Standard; and Common Definitions of Fraud and Presumptive Fraud.

Document reference: CEB/2017/3
HLCP: Report of 32nd session (September 2016, New York) 01.03.2017

Conclusions of the Thirty-Second Session of the High Level Committee on Programmes (UN Headquarters, New York, 29 and 30 September 2016) Issues discussed at the session: Risk, Prevention, and Resilience; UN System Leadership Model in the Post-2015 Era; Cross-Pillar Linkages and the 2030 Agenda; Equality and Non-Discrimination at the Heart of Sustainable Development; Follow-up to the High-level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants; and Summary of information Items: Istanbul Programme of Actions for the LDCs; and Reports of UN-Water, UN-Energy, UN-Oceans.

Document reference: CEB/2016/6

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HLCP: Action on Risk, Resilience and Prevention 27.06.2017
HLCP: Action on risk, prevention and resilience 03.04.2017