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FBN: UN System Financial Statistics 23.04.2017

Financial Statistics is a collection of annual data from CEB member organizations on their revenue and expenditures. Using this data, revenues broken down by assessed and voluntary contributions can be shown. Also, expenditures at the country, regional and global levels and broken down by expenditure categories: development assistance, humanitarian assistance, technical cooperation, peacekeeping and normative activities.

CEB: Results: Financial Statistics Database 15.06.2016

The CEB Website provides a unique ability to make available to the UN system, and to the public, total revenue and expense data for the UN system.  The Financial Database and Statistics Reporting project was established to improve the transparency of this data while reducing the burden to all UN agencies in the collection of this data.  The project has been expanded to include first level reporting by DESA for Operational Activities for Development, including Humanitarian Assistance.

Timeframe:    Implemented by December 2012

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FBN: Report of 23rd Session (16-17 June 2014, IAEA, Vienna ) 23.02.2017

The FB Network discussed the following issues: New template agreement between the EU and the UN; The UN system-wide IPSAS project proposal beyond 2015; Proposal of a reference risk management, oversight and accountability model for common positioning by the UN system with governing bodies; Common definition of operating costs and a common and standardized system of cost control; Harmonization of rules and regulations, policies and procedures at the country, regional and headquarters level in the functional area of finance; After-service-health insurance (ASHI); Common Treasury Services – Pr

Document reference: CEB/2014/HLCM/FB/11
FBN: Report of 18th Session Videoconference (16 February 2012) 23.02.2017

At the videoconference the following items were discussed:  Common Treasury Services, After Service Health Insurance, Safety and Security Costs, Financial Statistics, IPSAS Task Force.

Document reference: CEB/2012/HLCM/FB/6
HLCM: Report of 14th Session (September 2007, New York) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed included: Dialogue with Representatives of FICSA and CCISUA; Cooperation with ICSC; Business Practices; Security and Safety of Staff; Institutional links between HLCM and UN/RIAS – Disclosure of Internal Audit Reports; HLCM Networks; UN Cares; UN Dual Career and Staff Mobility; Staff Management Leadership Development Programme; Jointly-financed Activities; Procedures and criteria for the preparation of agendas and submission of documents for consideration and discussion by the HLCM at its session.

Document reference: CEB/2007/6