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CEB: Operational issues 23.02.2017

The CEB session in Bern, Switzerland, on 28-29 April 2008 marked the first Board meeting with the United Nations Development Group formally reporting as part of the CEB structure. The Board acknowledged with appreciation the progress that had been made in operationalizing the integration of the Group as a third pillar of the CEB framework.

CEB: Management issues 23.02.2017

Harmonization and simplification of business practices; International Public Sector Accounting Standards; Safety and security of staff.

HLCP: Food security 23.02.2017

The Food Security Initiative builds on the work of the Secretary-General’s High-level Task Force on the Global Food Security Crisis, established by CEB in April 2008, and, specifically upon the Comprehensive Framework for Action.

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UNDG: Report of UNDG meeting (October 2010, New York) 23.02.2017

Issues discussed at the session: Outcome of the High Level Plenary Meeting on the MDGs and UNDG follow-up; Implementation of the UNDG strategic priorities and work plan for 2010-2011; Preparations for High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan, Korea in 2011.

HLCP: Report of 2nd Session (February 1994, Geneva) 23.02.2017
Document reference: ACC/1994/3
CEB: First Regular Session Report (April 2012, Geneva) 23.02.2017

This report covers: the reports of the Board's committees (HLCM, HLCP, UNDG); System-wide action plan on gender equality and the empowerment of women; Review of the Board’s role and functioning (second phase); Final preparations for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development; United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Institutional Integrity Initiative; Nomination of a new Chair of the High-level Committee on Management.

Document reference: CEB/2012/1

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HLCM: Action on System-wide semantic framework (XML) for document management 10.08.2016
HLCP: Action on Programme criticality 23.02.2017
CEB: Action on “One United Nations” at the country level 23.02.2017

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UNDG: Working Group on Programming Issues 23.02.2017

The WG develops policies, guidelines and tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of UN country team programme collaboration which better supports national efforts to achieve internationally agreed development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

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